Technology use by a Baby Boomer

One of my assignments for my Information Technology class is to interview someone from a different generation regarding their use of technology .  I decided that I wanted to interview someone I did not know to make things more interesting.  So, I started brainstorming about where I could stalk find someone to interview.  Grocery store, assisted living facility, beauty shop?  Then I realized that I hate when I am approached by strangers in these settings and I probably would not get much of an interview this way.  I decided to go to the library and talk to an employee.  From my experience in a library I know that the staff, regardless of age, were all over the spectrum in their knowledge and use of technology.

My little one and I went to our local public library.  Our reference desk is relatively close to the entrance of the library  and there I found my interviewee.  Karen, a library employee of about nineteen years with a second job as a youth service associate,  was kind enough to grant me an interview.

Karen is a member of the baby boom generation.  She described herself as moderately comfortable with technology.  I found that Karen uses a smart phone, computer, and Kindle.  She also has a Facebook and Twitter account.  Karen uses email every day, while at the library through Outlook.  She has a Gmail account.  Finally,  she uses library specific software, currently Polaris.

Though Karen has or uses a variety of technology she does not employ all of it consistently.  Her use of Twitter is confined to work related communication with other libraries for exchange of ideas or for advertising of programming.  Although she has a Gmail account she states that she never uses it.  Also, as I have heard from many other people, she only uses her Kindle while traveling and has a preference for traditional books.

My final question to Karen was if she did not have the position at the library that she has, does she think she would use technology in the way that she does today? Her response was absolutely not!  She says her husband does not use technology and that her urging and teaching has changed this somewhat but because he does not make it a priority she does not think she would either if not employed in a field where it is now a necessity.


Image courtesy of StudentWire


2 thoughts on “Technology use by a Baby Boomer

  1. Your final question to Karen reminds me of my parents. My mom uses IT at work a lot but she never really used it at home until recently when she got a smart phone and tablet. So now she is trying to get my dad into using a tablet and he finally was forced into upgrading his flip phone to a smart phone after AT&T told him that they were going to stop providing service to his ancient phone haha.


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